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2022 Education Awards

2022 Commonwealth Education Awards

The Commonwealth Education Awards for Good Practice were designed to celebrate promising and innovative practices and to share these ideas with other countries that can replicate them to enhance learning outcomes. The sixth Education Awards come at a time when the world is still reeling from the unprecedented impact of the global pandemic, which along with conflict and environmental challenges have caused severe disruptions to education systems around the world.


Specific Objectives

1. Identify and draw attention to innovative, inspiring and good practices in education and learning that are replicable in different Commonwealth contexts.

2. Acknowledge, encourage, motivate, reward and generate enthusiasm within the education sector.

3. Recognise the outstanding work and achievements of education professionals that have improved the well-being of learners.

4. Highlight initiatives that remove barriers, facilitate access to quality education and learning, and build resilience, especially for disadvantaged groups.

5. Create an environment that will encourage and sustain investments in education and learning.

6. Highlight the outstanding contributions young people are making to achieving the 2030 Agenda and Sustainable Development Goals.


There are 6 award categories

1. Rethinking Education for Innovation.

2. Rethinking Education for Work.

3. Rethinking Education for Sustainability.

4. Education as Pathways to Peace.

5. Education for Inclusion.

6. Commonwealth outstanding teacher or school leader.